Family Membership

Membership Qualifications:

A Family Membership is for a family of up to 2 adults (>18 years old) and 2 kids (<18 years old).

Amenities Included:

  • Tennis
    • Able to book tennis courts inside and out
    • Pay member rates for group clinics
  • Fitness
    • Access to weight rooms during operational hours
  • Pool
    • Access to pool during operational hours


The Initiation Fee of $200.00 is due at the time of signing up for a Monthly Membership payment structure of $47.00(+ tax) per month.

The Yearly Membership payment structure is a one-time payment of $556.00(+ tax) due at the time of signing up for membership. No initiation fee is due for yearly membership.

Membership Agreement:

The agreement is made between South Regency Tennis Center LLC ("SRTC") and the undersigned member ("Member"). The term of the membership is 12 months. A membership is non-transferable and may not be terminated during its 12-month term. All members must have an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) form on file. A membership entitles a Member to access all facilities and activities available at SRTC. The member shall follow all rules and regulations established by SRTC, which are incorporated by reference and made a part of this membership agreement with respect to the use of its facilities and the participation in activities conducted at SRTC. The membership fee may be paid in full at the time of becoming a Member or in monthly payments which will accrue a finance charge of 10% per annum. 12 Months shall be renewed annually unless terminated in writing at least 30 days prior to terminated date.

The Member understands that the use of SRTC facilities, including all equipment, will be at the Member's sole risk. SRTC assumes no responsibility for injuries sustained by a Member while participating in any athletic or other activities at SRTC. Accordingly, the Member assumes the risk for all injuries that may occur at SRTC. The Member hereby releases and discharges SRTC, its owners managers and employees, from any and all claims of, liabilities for, injury, illness, or death that may occur as a result of the Member's use of the SRTC facilities or the participation in any activities at SRTC. The Member also understands that SRTC is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property at SRTC.